Speaking Silences

A striking voice breaks the silence, is joined by a guitar and sings, cries and whispers songs of sorrow, anger and hope. Some of them are of the kind which disrupts the alienation of shoppers on the streets and makes them look up for a second, others you’d love to take home and keep for your own.

Speaking Silences, aka Benjamin Block, took the first steps of his musical journey in the mid of the noughties. Influenced by acts like Glen Hansard (The Frames), Ryan Adams, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, his 2006 debut-album Cold Eyes was released on the – sadly not very long-lived – Cardio Club label. After having shared the stage with acts like Zoolander and Schwervon! he moved to Vienna (Austria) via Jena. There he took up busking and, in good old DIY-fashion, released a second album all by himself: Love in the Time of Self-Alienation (2011) which was premiered at the legendary Ostklub. Speaking Silences is still living in Vienna, where he is part of the Vienna Songwriting Circle, to whose release of co-written songs Lines, he contributed as well.

Now the long-expected EP Hanging On is forthcoming, and Speaking Silences has been hanging on to music indeed. Expect authentic, emotional songs with broken romanticism at its best, driven by dynamic vocals and guitar playing.