Sabina Vostner



Singer songwriter, poet and writer.

She began her music career as a singer in the project Allegro non troppo. She studied guitar with Etbin Stefančič, and later she founded her own band Swarga, with whom she released an album To the Sun in 2011. She has performed at all major stages and festivals in Slovenia (Festival Lent, Jeff Festival, Dobimo se pred Škucem, etc.) and abroad (Croatia, Malta, Italy, Mallorca), with the band Swarga she represented the EPK Maribor 2012 in Belgium. Later she continued her career as a singer-songwriter in collaboration with various musicians from Europe (Dan Zelisko, Laco Zach).

She writes in Slovene, Russian (both mother tongues) and English. In October 2012, she published her first poetry collection Potovanja duše (Journeys of the Soul). Besides the poetry, she also writes fairy tales and stories.

In autumn 2015 she released her first solo album Following the birds, featuring several different musicians, including: Laco Zach (Slovakia), Gal Furlan, Matej Srebrnič, Dan Zelisko (Poland / Mallorca) and Boštjan Zobec. The album also features original poetry in three languages ​​(Slovene, Russian and English).

Her music could be described as an acoustic poetic folk that combines various elements. It is an experience dedicated to deep listening, where music intertwines with poetry, with minimalistic musical inputs.



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